Snowdrop / Tuck Front Skirt

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Pattern: Japanese, Instruction: Japanese, Data: Layered PDF

Pattern: Japanese, Instruction: Japanese, Data specification: Layered PDFLayered PDF

[Materials needed]
Shell fabric: 110cm x1.85m/120cm x1.85m/140cm x01.85m
Lining fabric110cm x1.25m
Fusible interfacing:: 92cm x0.4m
Fusible stay tape: 12mm x0.4m
Elastic: 25mm x0.4m


[Number of pages]
A4 x 36 pages

Suitable material
Knit/Woven Knit Either knit or woven Woven
Stretchness With stretch Does not matter Without stretch
Fabric weight Heavy Medium Light
Stiffness Drapey Moderate Stiff
Finished garment measurements (cm)
  36/JPN7 38/JPN9 40/JPN11 42/JPN13
W 64 68 72 76
H (Lining) 130.5 134.5 138.5 142.5
Sweep 163.4 167.6 171.9 176.1
Length 53 54 55 56
Waistband height 3 3 3 3

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