About us


Tamanegi-kobo is a Japanese indie PDF pattern shop.
The owner, Miho, started to design her own clothing line for herself in 2009.

Our mission is to offer patterns to those who love Fashion but have found that
European & American ready to wear clothes do not fit well.
Our company’s patterns are made to fit petit figures with a flattering look.
Our design trickles down the latest mode of high fashion blending it with Tokyo street pop fashion.

Master patterns are made by a current apparel pattern maker who has worked for the brands
that have participated in Tokyo Collection. And the grading is also done by her.
Miho who is a graphic designer converts the patterns into layered PDFs and creates
detailed instructions with images. Patterns are sold online only.
The layered PDFs include all sizes but you can select and print the size(s) you want.

Currently there are limited patterns with English instruction.
The instructions are translated based on the customers’ request.
Please let us know if the patterns you want have not translated yet.