Reward points

How to earn reward points
When you sign up for membership and purchase our patterns from the website, you will receive 1% of your payment as reward points. 

When you use the points to purchase patterns, you will only earn further points for the actual cash expenditures.
For example, when you purchase 2000 yen worth patterns and use 300 points, you will only earn the points for 1700 yen. (2000 yen - 300 points = 1700 yen)

Additional points

Points# of pointsWhen earned
Membership sign up 100 points When you sign up for a membership
Order point 1% of expenditure When the products have been sent
Review points 10 points When your review has been approved


How to use reward points
During the process of purchasing patterns, you can use your earned points under “order option”.  You will receive a discount based on the points you assigned in “use your point” box. To do this, you must log in to your account when shopping.


Important Notice:
When checking out, you need to select JPY in order to use your points. Please make sure to select JPY in the pull-down menu in the right upper corner. Then click “Proceed to checkout”. 

How to check the points you have accumulated
Simply log in to your account and go to “point history” under the My Account page.


Additional points for certain items
Sometimes, additional points are rewarded for promotional items. In that case, you will earn the additional points automatically.